Select AutomationIn today's fast paced, increasingly competitive business world, finding ways to be faster, more efficient, more productive, and more economical is the key to success. That is why many manufacturing firms are utilizing automation and process control to make their operations more efficient today, and to prepare for the future. Select automation can design automation and process control solutions to help make your company more competitive now, and in the years to come.

When it comes to streamlining your production, Automation provides wide-reaching benefits. You'll gain greater control over the production process, allowing you to manufacture more product in less time, while reducing costly mistakes and downtime. Automation also means maintenance will be faster and easier, helping to lower the overall cost of production.


Select AutomationWe are experts in product development and systems integration. You are an expert in your process. It only takes minutes for you to explain your process to us. This method allows us to combine the best of process and systems expertise.

We learned the hard way that any company that tries to do too much winds up not being good at anything. Instead of getting a solutions provider that is "kind of" good at your industry and "kind of good" at systems integration, you get the best of both by having us work with your people. Integrators that work in one or a few industries start giving you the same system that they gave everyone else. This makes your process only as good as everyone else's. Select Automation allows you to make your process better than your competitors.

We bring fresh and innovative ideas from other industries. Usually our people are better educated and trained and have more experience.

For the record our personnel have experience in the following industries:

Aggregates Mining Recycling
Automotive OEM Equipment Semiconductors
Chemical Packaging Textiles
Consumer Products Petrochemicals Tire & Rubber
Fiber Glass Pharmaceutical Tobacco
Food & Beverage Polymer & Plastics Wallboard
Glass Power Wastewater Treatment
Laboratories Primary Metals Wood Products
Metal Machining & Fabrication Pulp & Paper  


Since we have alliances with partners in other disciplines we are able to assist customers in many different applications:

Discrete Parts Manufacturing Simulation
Process Control and Monitoring Data Acquisition
Quality Measurement, Monitoring, Historical Recording Remote Monitoring, Control, Diagnostics, and Reporting
Material Handling Real-time Applications
Networking Recipe Management
Information and Reporting Systems Historical Trending
Automatic Identification Communications Interfaces
Database, data warehousing, data mining, data analysis Modular and Flexible Systems
Operator Interfaces, HMI Power Monitoring, Control, Shedding
Motion Control Test Stands
Gauging Redundancy
Programming Alarm Notification and Logging
Detecting Defects Diagnostics

Select AutomationTypes of Projects

There are four major types of projects we do:


Select AutomationSelect Automation services include programming and configuration of industrial software and systems design. Our engineers and automation specialists possess an average of fourteen years of practical automation and controls experience. We strive to provide superior service, and pride ourselves in our ability to complete complex projects as well as providing quick response to emergency situations.

Our staff is dedicated to helping companies take advantage of the latest in control systems and plant-floor information systems technology. We have a broad range of experience in control systems design, electrical and electronics design, and software development. We combine this with unsurpassed depth in industry field experience, and a commitment to excellence in providing the best solution to meet your specific needs.

System Design On-Site Technical Support.


Select Automation can help you with:

Project Management Machine / Mechanical Design Requirements Analysis
Installation System Architecture Design Startup
Specification Testing & Debugging Networking
Recipe Management Detailed Design Documentation
Development Training Programming
Support Panel Building PLC Panels
Electrical Control Panels APFC Panels Control Panels