About Select Automation

Select Automation is an Engineering firm that offer the highest level of experience in industrial Automation and process control. Our reputation for quality, Reliability and Affordability has been built on superior products and services provided for various Industries including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Polymer, Plastic, Textile & Pulp and paper etc...

When you choose Select Automation you benefit from the technical experience of senior engines and specialists who average more than 25 years in the field of Automation and process control.

Where ever you are in the automation process from planning to implementation, Select Automation has the experience knowledge and flexibility to keep your company on the leading edge of Automation and process control.

Founder & Achievement

Select Automation was founded by Mr. N. Rajendran in the year of the millennium. The founder encourages the management to fulfill the present trend & techniques of industrial Automation, leaving a word that "Knowledge along with practical exposure to industrial Activities leads the way for opportunities".

The Management consists of both young and experienced professionals with exclusively trained Industrial Background, Providing solutions Easily.

The Administrative & professional Competence of our employee constitutes the source of valuable strength for our organisation.

Management Head
Mr. R.Purushothaman with excellent skill Experience in Research & Industrial Background

Select Automation is an Authorized System Integrator for Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd.,
Select Automation is an Recognized System Integrator for GE - Intelligent Platforms

To be a center of excellence in the field of Industrial Automation.

Select Automation is "Committed to empower in Industrial Automation through High Quality Standards and Measures".

A highly experienced legend in Industrial Automation for more than 30 years and excelled in many challenging projects.

SHRAM VIR NATIONAL AWARD YEAR: 1981 - For industrial efficiency by the former President Mr.Neelam Sanjeev Reddy along with the former Labour Minister.


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