Analog ammeter,Direct type, 1Ø, 96x96mm    
Product: AM-I-D-3    
Accuracy class of  1.5% of F.S    
Knife edge pointer    
Moving coil type    
Panel mount    
0° to 90° deflection    
Non linear operation.    
Direct measurement of current up to 100A without connecting any external CT    
Overload Capacity of 1.2 times of Rated current and has up to 10 times of rated current for max of 5 sec.    
Power Consumption is 0.8VA.    
Pointer    Knife Edge Pointer
Pointer Deflection    0 to 90 degree
Measured Parameters    AC Current
Measuring Current Range    10 to 100A
Overload Capacity Continuously    1.2 times rated Current
Frequency    50 - 60 Hz
Accuracy    Class 1.5
Mounting    Panel Mount
Size    96X96mm
Operating Temperature    0°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature    -20°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity (non - condensing)    upto 75%

Analog ammeter,Direct type, 1Ø, 96x96mm - Product: AM-I-D-3

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