APFC, LCD, 2P-2W, 12 Stage, 96x96mm    
Product: APFC346    
Works with Single and three phase systems    
Hassle free installation, Zero programming    
8 stage programmable relay    
Accuracy of ± 0.01 for power factor    
LCD display with backlite    
Programmable parameters: Number of relays, step time, discharge time    
Advance features: Alarm output, Fan output    
Auto CT reverse correction    
Four quadrant operation    
Auto and manual mode    
Wide Auxiliary supply from 85 to 270V AC / DC.    
CE Certified    
Display Type    Liquid Crystal Display with backlight
Display Configuration    4 digits to show Power factor
Input Type    2Ø - 2W (L-L)
Frequency    45-65 Hz
Measurement Range    Power Factor: 0.8 to -0.8
Accuracy    Power Factor: ±0.01
Max Number of Steps    8
Communication Protocol    NA
Supply Voltage    85 to 270V AC
Bezel Size    96 x 96mm
Mounting Type    Panel Mount

APFC, LCD, 2P-2W, 12 Stage, 96x96mm - Product: APFC346

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